Just text and fuck sex Ruger Blackhawk .357 6.5So I have been driving myself crazy trying to select a general purpose .357Im looking for something that I can shoot .357 or .38 could hunt with could use for any other purpose and will go with my Rossi .357 lever in Stainless. and Ive been tearing myself up over the 4 or the 6 GP100 the Ford Tough of .357s. Just doesnt excite me and feels like driving a truck Smith 686 Smith and priced like a Ferrari while classy just isnt sexy Taurus Im cool with but can never find a deal that feels like a dealThen I thought...I dont NEED a .357 pistol. I want an old Uberti percussion. And then I thought....BLACKHAWK.357 stainless cool cowboy factor matches the lever stylistically.And then I ALSO found out I can get a conversion cylinder for 9mm Talk to me peopleLet us know what you get.Lol. I was in same similar delima a while back until I came across a 686 Deluxe. I am glad I did but I will be getting the Ruger Bisley next when I get the c card paid for. You wont go wrong wrong plus Blackhawk would be perfect companion to the Rossi.Seen a 3 sc

Dirty tinder porn What does CA compliant mean for a handgunJoined Oct 2007CMG 300 BPJoined Apr 2004No thatd be fully PRK compliant.Basically it has a loaded chamber indicator no more than a 10 rd magazine standard and an internal lock IIRC.Soon to be a microstamped firing pin as well.....2507704 101708Joined Jan 2001Campfire KahunaGunnery gunnery gunnery.2507752 101708Joined Dec 2000When your ship comes in. ... make sure you are willing to unload it.2508380 101808Joined Oct 2007AlphaJoined Oct 20042508495 101808Joined Apr 2005 To get on the list I believe 3 guns must be shipped to DOJ with a certain amount of . If the gun comes in various configurations such as blued or stainless or scandiumaluminum or various barrel lengths or fixed sights vs adjustable or any other variations of any kind 3 examples of

Camchat hotcam free adult dating hudson ohioBack in the mid1900s you would never believe that Forjas Taurus would be where it is today. Its hard to believe that a small metal and plastic manufacturer in the southern coastal city of Porto Allegro Brazil could develop into one of the most impressive weapons designers in the world. Now internationally celebrated the up and coming South American firearms manufacturer started with just one revolver back in 1941 but now has a catalog filled with several dozen different pistols revolvers and rifles. Debuting in the late 1930s it only took a few years for Taurus to get into the arms industry. In 1941 Taurus unveiled that first firearm theModel

3some chat room Gun Review Ruger GP100 .357 MagnumAfter nearly seven years of wedded bliss I caught her redhanded Redhanded at the range that is. At my insistence my lukewarmtoguns wife had just fired six rounds from my tiny palmpunishing KelTec .380. Her hand hurt and her face grimaced and it seemed as though tears werent far behind. Our day at the range and any budding interest she had in firearms was in serious jeopardy. I had to act fast . . .To the rental counter I ran with the voice of Dirty Harry himself resonating in my ears Youve got to ask yourself one question punk Whats the biggest heaviest handgun your wife can run a decent selfdefense round through and still have an enjoyable shooting experience I didnt feel lucky but luck shined upon me anyway. The magnum force answer that saved the day The Ruger GP100.Secondrate status bluecollar provenance and XL dimensions aside the GP100 absolutely hits a grand slam in the appearance department deli

Common eastern bumble bee png I think what Im hearing is standard pressure ammo and maybe a heavier RugerClick to expand...I think a heavier Ruger revolver shooting 38 Special standard pressure loads is about the softing shooting possible in a still adequate self defense round.This may be a tad larger than hoped for but something like this Ruger GP100 double action revolver......made for shooting the 357 Magnum with a 3 barrel weighing in at 36 ounces. Itll digest all the 38 Special you could ever feed it and then some and especially if you stay with standard pressure ammo no P stuff it oughta shoot as softly as my single six with 22mag ammo. And every now and then you yourself can have some fun running some 357 Magnum loads through it too. Nice thing about it having the exposed hammer is she can shoot it single action style too its not double action only.If you care you can see it at the link below plus showing the different barrel lengths its available in some with adjustable sights one with fixed sights some blued and some stainless.Just throwing it out there as somethi